• Saving our Environment

Saving Our Environment

We must act now to protect our precious environment for the future of our children

Independent environmental analysis (Sustain) has shown that the substitution of water cremation for flame cremation as part of a funeral will reduce that funeral’s emissions of greenhouse gases by approximately 35%.

An Independent Study in Holland by TNO demonstrated that water cremation had the lowest overall impact on the environment of all end of life options of body disposal including flame cremation, burial and freeze drying.

The energy needed for the average Resomation process in the form of electricity and gas is less than one fifth of the energy required for a typical flame cremation.

With flame cremation, significant levels of highly toxic mercury from dental amalgam is emitted from non-abated crematoria into the environment. Getting into our natural water it is converted to methylmercury which is absorbed by plant-life, eaten by small fish which are eaten by larger fish and then we eat the fish. Mercury in the body is cumulative and very harmful.

Water cremation produces no airborne emissions and the solid leftover mercury-containing amalgam is collected and safely recycled.

There are now over 7 billion human beings living on our planet and this number is increasing fast. The introduction of this third choice at the end of life has the potential to ease the pressure of burial space which in many countries is in short supply.

The introduction of water cremation would provide the public with more choice in deciding how their body is taken care at the end of life.

These are all very powerful reasons for change but what do others think…

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