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Our Mission

“Resomation exists to ensure the choice of water cremation is available globally. This will be achieved through increasing public awareness, education, industry acceptance and legislative change. By accomplishing these goals and thus empowering the public to have another available option, the significant environmental benefits of water cremation can be realised.”

Sandy Sullivan, Founder

Resomation Ltd was formed by Sandy Sullivan in Scotland in 2007 to promote water cremation as a real alternative to burial and flame cremation as a human end of life option. At a time when public awareness of carbon emissions and environmental responsibility was ever on the increase, he saw the opportunity to offer people another end of life option.

The vision of Sandy Sullivan was to develop the process and to make it widely available to the public. Resomation have expanded and developed the water cremation process to make it useable and available to all and essentially changing the future of funeral end of life options.

Spreading the word through educational seminars

Spreading the word through educational seminars

Since 2007 Sandy Sullivan has given over 30 seminars internationally. Changing history in a conservative and highly regulated industry takes time and effort.

LBBC Group

LBBC Group

In 2008, Resomation Ltd selected LBBC Technologies as their exclusive manufacturing partner. LBBC Group has over 100 years of history of working with global partners to develop new and innovative solutions.

In 2016, LBBC Group took a majority in Resomation Limited as they recognised the opportunity for this pioneering technology and the synergy with their current global activities.

“Having been associated from its inception, we have seen how water cremation presents the public with a credible third choice. It is only right that we got behind water cremation and supported the further introduction of this technology”

Howard Pickard, MD LBBC Group

The first Resomator is born in 2009

The first Resomator is born in 2009

Unveiling at our factory

This was a proud day for all involved as it was a game changer in the funeral industry and was making history. A true paradigm shift in what end of life options the public will have in the future.

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