• A Credible Alternative?

A Credible Alternative

Although water cremation is now available in the USA and Canada, for the vast proportion of people worldwide, there are only two options at the end of life – flame cremation and burial. With a growing population and people becoming increasingly aware of their own environmental footprint, both in life and in death, people are seeking a credible alternative.

The Observer - Ethical awards 2010

The Observer - Ethical awards 2010

At a prestigious award ceremony held in London’s Victoria Albert Museum, Resomation Ltd was presented by Colin Firth with the Jupiter Big Idea Award in the annual Observer Ethics Awards.

Resomation was chosen based on the significant carbon reduction benefits this unique process offers over traditional cremation.

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John Logie Baird Awards Programme 2009

John Logie Baird Awards Programme 2009

In March 2010 Resomation Ltd was presented with the John Logie Baird Award for ’Early Stage Impact Through Innovation’ at the Ceremony held in Glasgow’s Science Centre. Managing Director Sandy Sullivan said “This award means a lot to our business. It feels fantastic to be recognised for all he hard work to date, and what greater honour than to receive an award which celebrates one of Scotland’s greatest inventors; John Logie Baird.”

Funeral Industry Backing

Support from the UK Cremation Society

There is no doubt that water cremation is likely to have a great attraction to the ever-increasing environmentally aware public. The Cremation Society has acknowledged this fact and a result altered its Memorandum of Articles of Association to accommodate the process.

Support from CANA (Cremation Association of North America)

CANA altered its “Model Law” for cremation given to US states as a guidance document which then allowed for water cremation.


The process has been in regular use in 3 locations in the USA with over 2000 water cremations. However, the required legislative change in each potential location highly influences the uptake of this option.

Bradshaws Celebration of Life Center in Stillwater, Minnesota is seen as a highly respected and caring organisation. Jason Bradshaw the President /co-owner has now owned and used water cremation on an almost daily basis for over three years now.

“We anticipated the bigger reason [for choosing water cremation] was going to be the environmental side of it. The larger reason has actually been the people who don’t like the fire component. They see this as being a gentler alternative”

Jason Bradshaw
Anderson McQueen in St Petersburg, Florida were the first funeral home to introduce water cremation to the public enabling them to offer greater choice to the families they serve. The unit has been regularly used and frequently attracts media interest.
The third installation is at the highly respected David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. A major part of their selection was that Resomation meets the UCLA sustainability goals that were outlined by the Mayor of Los Angeles.

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