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Independent reports / validations

To ensure the correctness of any new End of Life option, there will be many investigations into the merits or implications of its introduction. Many of these investigations are performed independently for obvious reasons.
As Resomation, we want to be sure that the public are provided with the full facts and figures either directly or through their funeral professionals. Below is a selection of reports we are currently aware of.

Environmental Impact

Commissioned by Yarden, one of the largest funeral service providers in the Netherlands, this report provides an independent environmental analysis of Resomation against the current options of Burial and Cremation.

This 2011 study has shown Resomation (Resomeren as it is referred to in the Netherlands) to have the least impact on the environment over burial and flame cremation (Cremeren).

“TNO has compared three funeral techniques by means of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), in which all materials, emissions and waste streams are assessed through the whole process. In case of burial for example, the assessment begins at the production of the coffin and it ends at the removal phase, decades later. The environmental impact assessment includes18 environmental impact categories, amongst which climate change, toxicity and land and water use.”

Sterilisation Ability

After the Resomator S750 was installed at UCLA in 2012 in the David Geffen School of Medicine’s Donated Body Program, the UCLA Environmental Health and Safety Unit and the California Department of Public Health, Sanitation Division performed a biological study of the process.

After completing and sending multiple biological spore test sterilisation samples to an independent testing agency for testing and analysis, the Resomator S750 was approved as a device for the sterilisation /disposition of Human Medical Waste by the California Department of Public Health. It was proven that the Resomator S750 destroys pathogens over 60,000 times greater than a hospital sterilising autoclave.

DNA Free

The Lothian Police Forensics Laboratory in Scotland UK tested some of the exiting liquid for any traces of DNA. We received an eight page signed report stating that No DNA was detected at the most sensitive testing levels.
“DNA was not detected in the solution produced by Resomation. It is not possible to obtain even an incomplete SGM+ DNA profile for the solution produced by Resomation”

Water Authority Testing and Analysis

After installations of the Resomator S750 rigorous multiple analysis were carried out in three locations by local water authority officials to check that the liquid leaving the system was safe and suitable to be allowed to drain.
This testing was in St.Petersburg Florida, Stillwater Minnesota and Los Angeles California and in all three locations the Resomation process passed the analyses and received signed authority to operate the system.