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    At Kindly Earth, we are working towards making it possible for families to choose Resomation for the funeral of a loved one. We aim to offer the service for the first time in England later this year from our first Kindly Earth Resomation Center.

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  • Environmental


    Resomation, known as natural water cremation, is the environmentally sustainable end of life option being requested by people all around the world.

  • Gentle process

    Gentle Process

    Natural water cremation is a new funeral choice that uses water instead of flame to gently return the body to ashes at the end of life.

  • Natural


    Resomation, known as natural water cremation, is the sustainable end of life choice that through a natural process gently returns the body to ashes. A natural choice for anyone that has lived an environmentally conscious life.

The world has never been more attuned to the effects of climate change and how our behaviours and actions impact the environment today, tomorrow and in the future.

Our attitude towards the environment as we live our lives and as we plan our funerals really matter. That is why around the world, a growing number of people are looking for environmentally sustainable alternatives such as water cremation, also known as Resomation and aquamation, and human composting over traditional flame cremation and burial for themselves and their loved ones.

There has been a notable uplift in interest and acceptance of water cremation following Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s request for it at the end of his life in 2022. His choice brought international attention to the water cremation process, and got even more people interested in the idea of using water instead of flame to reduce the body to ash.

Water cremation is the gentle process of returning the body to ashes using water and a small amount of alkali-based solution to speed up the natural process the body goes through at the end of life.

The body is first placed in a coffin or shroud made from biodegradable materials before being carefully placed in the water cremator, where over a short amount of time the body returns to its basic organic elements.

Once the process is complete, families receive the ashes to treasure as they wish, in the same way they would with a traditional flame cremation.

Independently proven to have the lowest overall impact on the environment of all mainstream end of life options.

Kindly Earth will represent Resomation Ltd in the UK, in partnership with Resomation Ltd. The Kindly Earth brand has been created to introduce Resomation to the public and will soon be able to offer Resomation to people in the UK wanting a greener, lower carbon footprint alternative to flame cremation.

To find out more information about Kindly Earth and when Resomation will become available near you, click here.

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Water cremation, or Alkaline Hydrolysis as it is also known, is available in some parts of the USA and Canada. Contact your local funeral provider to find out more or email [email protected].

In Europe and Rest of the World, progress continues to be made to introduce water cremation as a safe, natural and environmentally sustainable end of life option. To find out how you can support, contact us here.



Resomation is the UK’s only manufacturer of water cremators, supplying the funeral industry in America, and working with funeral partners around the world to introduce this new end of life option. Developing the technology and science for over a decade, Resomation is a trusted partner to organisations across the world.

A need for change

A need for change

Space for burial is declining across the globe and alternatives such as flame cremation continue to pollute the atmosphere with CO2 and harmful mercury emissions. For the first time in 100 years, there is a new environmentally sustainable end of life option for people wanting to be cremated.

Our Funeral Partners

Our Funeral Partners

The funeral industry continues to evolve and modernise as people are looking for more environmentally sustainable choices at the end of life. Water cremation is the next phase in this evolution and can help funeral partners offer something unique to people and families as they make their funeral arrangements.