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In today’s world where the ecosystem and the future of the planet are being seriously challenged by our rapidly growing population we need to consider our choices more thoughtfully.


Choosing water cremation over flame cremation and burial comes down to each individual and in some cases driven by tradition or religious beliefs.

Environmental benefits

Water cremation has been independently shown to have the lowest and indeed little environmental impact at all compared to burial and flame cremation and that may be enough to allow the individual to choose it. This is especially true for those of you who have lived your lives with a very acute environmental awareness and concern for our planet and have consistently recycled and made green choices that have the least impact on the environment.. Water cremation certainly allows you with your end of life funeral choice to express that concern in a very positive manner.


For others it is simply the inner fear during life of fire or burial inexplicably translated to an end of life situation that makes choosing water cremation seem a gentler option and the right feeling choice for them. You will also be making an environmentally positive decision.
Flame cremation faces environmental challenges including the harmful airborne particle emissions, harmful mercury release from dental amalgam and a high energy consumption that leads inevitably to a large carbon footprint adding to the greenhouse gas effect and climate change.

Global growth

Real enthusiasm is evident for Resomation across the globe. There is a growing curiosity from those in the industry and growing interest from families. Resomation is offered most widely in the United States with over 6000 dispositions now completed.

Water cremation is already proving a popular choice for people overseas and is legally approved in 27 US states including Hawaii.

According to NFDA’s 2022 cremation and burial report, 60.5% would be interested in exploring “green” funeral options because of their potential environmental benefits, cost savings or for some other reason, up from 55.7% in 2021.

In England , plans to introduce water cremation in partnership with Kindly Earth are progressing so the British public will soon be able to choose water cremation as their end of life choice.

In Europe, the buzz for Resomation is being well and truly felt. At recent events across Europe, attendees were “overwhelmed and enthusiastic” at the prospect of this sustainable end of life option being offered in their country.

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At the end of life, your body goes through a natural process. Water cremation enables the exact same natural process to take place. However, with water cremation the natural process is much faster and instead of taking months and sometimes years, this happens in a matter of hours.