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About Resomation

Resomation Ltd, the company pioneering water cremation in the UK and around the world, has been developing the science behind the process and supplying the state-of-the-art equipment for over a decade.

Sandy Sullivan, Founder Resomation Ltd

“Resomation exists to ensure the choice of water cremation is available globally. This will be achieved through increasing public awareness, education, industry acceptance and legislative change. By accomplishing these goals and empowering the public to have a new environmentally conscious option at the end of life, the significant environmental benefits of water cremation can be realised.” – Sandy Sullivan, Founder Resomation Ltd

Resomation Ltd was formed by Sandy Sullivan in Scotland in 2007 to promote water cremation as a new alternative to burial and flame cremation as a human end of life option. At a time when public awareness of carbon emissions and environmental responsibility was beginning to enter the public consciousness, he saw the opportunity to offer people a new environmentally sustainable end of life option.

Sandy’s vision was to develop the scientific process and to make it widely available and accessible to the public. Since the early days, Resomation has expanded and developed the water cremation process through state-of-the-art patented technology and is proudly exporting the equipment around the world.

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In 2008, Resomation Ltd selected LBBC as their exclusive manufacturing partner. LBBC Group is a globally reknowned and award-winning manufacturer with over 100 years of history working with partners worldwide to develop new and innovative solutions.

In 2016, LBBC Group took a majority stake in Resomation Limited as they recognised the opportunity for this pioneering technology and the synergy with their current global activities.

“Having been associated with Resomation from its inception, we have seen how water cremation presents the public with a credible environmentally sustainable funeral choice, something that is becoming more and more important in the fight against climate change.That is why we have got behind water cremation and are working with the funeral profession to further the introduction of this technology in the UK and across the world”
– Howard Pickard, MD LBBC Group

In 2009, the first “Resomator” or water cremation machine as it is also known, was born. Through years of hard work and passion for this environmentally pioneering technology, it was a proud day for the Resomation team and a moment of history for the funeral industry. Since then, the expert engineers at Resomation have continuously updated and improved the technology and machinery to ensure it is the highest quality and is at the forefront of the industry.

If you are based in the United States of America and want to know more about water cremation, contact your local funeral provider. If you are visiting our site from the UK or elsewhere in the world, contact us to find out how you can support the introduction of water cremation in your area.


Saving our Environment

The climate change emergency has never been so prominent on the world stage with people taking responsibility for how they can help limit the damage they are doing to our planet. Water cremation has been independently found to have the lowest overall impact on the environment of all end of life options of body disposal including flame cremation and burial.

A need for change

A credible alternative

Space for burial is declining across the globe and alternatives such as flame cremation continue to pollute the atmosphere with harmful mercury emissions. For the first time in 100 years, there is a new environmentally sustainable end of life option for people wanting ot be cremated.

Requently asked questions


Over the past decade we have been contacted by people from around the world, looking for more information about water cremation and wanting to know where it is available. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.