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Where is Resomation Permitted?

For any new End of Life option, it is only right and proper that legislation is given due consideration. Recognising that all the evidence obtained to date has endorsed the benefits and acknowledged its acceptability when introduced in a safe and regulated way, it is our opinion that it is only a matter of time before the process will be permitted in all parts of the world. However, this inevitably can take time.
In many parts of the world the water cremation process is not illegal however there are no specific regulations to support its use. Resomation will be working with our partners to establish the regulations and ensure its safe and assured use. Should you be interested in introducing the technology in your area and you would like to work with Resomation Ltd then please register your interest with us and we can provide you with the latest regulatory position.
Water cremation as an End of Life option is available in the USA in Florida and Minnesota. As we introduce the technology in further locations we will update our website accordingly.


Currently there are over nineteen states where the process has been approved in law and can be installed and operated. This equates by population to around 80 million people can choose this end of life exiting option which is estimated at around 25% of the USA population.

Many other states are at various stages of potential legislative implementation.


Currently there are four provinces out of thirteen that allow water cremation but their population is around two thirds of Canada so around 66% of the population of Canada can choose water cremation if they are located in one of the appropriate provinces below.


There are currently no water cremation installations in the UK. In Scotland, the recent introduction of the Cremation and Burial Act 2016 has provided a clear platform for the introduction of the technology. In England and Wales, it has frequently been stated that the technology can be introduced as long as it complies with all current building and environmental authority regulations. Regulatory approvals are currently being explored.


There are a couple of countries seriously considering regulatory change to accommodate the process and any funeral industry assistance in any country would be welcomed and appreciated. We would be pleased to hear from you in this regard.

Rest of the World

There are many countries where we understand the technology is accepted but this is yet to be tested. If you are able to update us with the latest in your region, we’d be pleased to hear from you.