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Key Attributes and Advantages

Why Resomation® is unique over other Alkaline Hydrolysis Systems


If you choose a Resomator S750 you will not only be buying the first, safest, fastest and most validated system on the market but you will enter a relationship with a company that has a high level of expertise and experience to support you through the various stages of being able to offer this new option.


As the unit is a pressurised liquid based system, the Resomator S750 is designed for maximum operator safety. Our parent company, LBBC Group, have built a reputation on safety in other high pressure applications with clients such as General Electric, Rolls Royce and Nestle.
The Resomator S750’s automatic Quicklock® door is a proprietary design, specifically for operator safety and reliable operation. The Quicklock® design has been used in many applications including as a hatch in current British nuclear powered submarines.
The Resomator S750 has been designed with numerous sensors and interlocked safety devices to protect the operator under the most unforeseen circumstances.

Patented FACT TM

Focussed Agitation Cranial Targeting system that ensures all protected tissue is fully accessed

The single biggest challenge due to the protective nature of the skull for any Alkaline Hydrolysis system is ensuring all protected tissue is fully accessed by the process.


In a recent independent study (see independent reports /validations page), 17 of the 18 environmental impact categories (shown in green) chosen for analysis demonstrated that Resomation had the least impact by a large margin.
Please note that the independent environmental reports on Resomation are specific to the Resomator S750 equipment.

Climate Change
Photochemical oxident formation
Terrestrial ecotoxicity
Land use (agricultural)
Water depletion
Ozone layer depletion
Particulate matter formation
Eutrophication (freshwater)
Freshwater ecotoxicity
Land use (urban)
Mineral depletion
Human toxicity
Ionising radiation
Eutrophication (marine)
Marine ecotoxicity
Land transformation (natural)
Fossil depletion

Apart from the report above general environmental benefits over flame cremation are that Resomation does not produce airborne mercury emissions, has a very small carbon footprint and uses up to five times less energy.


The exterior of the Resomator S750 is framed in high quality stainless steel crafted with carefully rounded edges and unique contours giving the unit a quality and an aesthetically pleasing disposition. This lends itself for family viewing during the process for an increasingly interested public as well as the option to show the facility with pride.. and no undignified tilting of the body. Quiet, dignified and respectful.

Dignified and respectful horizontal operation

The Resomator vessel remains static during the quiet process as does the body of the deceased ensuring dignified family viewing.


The temperatures that the Resomator S750 operates ensures that there is no risk to the families and the operators. Its performance has been validated microbiologically in California by the Los Angeles Public Health Department.
The necessary temperatures can only occur in a system that can achieve the required pressures.

High Levels of Automation

Where time, consistency, safety and error free operation is important then the more automated the system the better. Essentially press the button and walk away.

Automated Door Operation

The pneumatic driven automated opening and closing of the Quicklock door makes the start easy and effortless and prevents incomplete manual tightening of mechanisms or premature manual opening under unsafe operational conditions. It also brings with it integrated many safety features.

Automatic Weighing

After the deceased has been placed in the Resomator and the door closed ,four integral accurate weight scales on the unit will automatically weigh the body ready for our Easy Start program to take over.

Easy Start™ Software

The operator has the benefit of our software that takes the automated weight measurement above and allows our systems PLC to calculate and apply the exact alkali / water volumes to be automatically added and apply the optimum cycle parameters for that weight. Manual calculations and chemical additions are therefore avoided leading to the wrong formulation or health and safety issues. Simple and safe operation at your fingertip. This speeds up processing generally and avoids costly mistakes. Consistency is paramount so we let the PLC do the work.

Automatic Chemical delivery

Liquid potassium hydroxide is transferred automatically into the Resomator. Liquid management ensures no chemical contact is required and maximum safety achieved.
It is fundamental in our design philosophy that the highest level of health and safety is maintained at all times.
Additionally this automated feed speeds up the process and prevents operator errors.

Automated pH Control and Liquid Release

At the end of the process while the cremains/ash is being removed the Resomator PLC simultaneously works with the integrated in-line pH monitoring and control functionality to automatically and rapidly reduce the pH to agreed pre-set levels required by regulation before allowing the automated release of the liquid.

Reliability and Performance

With unattended operation as normal it is clear to those who see the Resomator S750 and talk to the users that it has unrivalled quality, automation and safety built into it.

Our installed units have carried out over 2000 cases and the minimal system downtime percentage over a three year period is excellent.

The Resomator delivers safe, fast cycle times averaging 3.5-4 hours, minimal down time, good running costs, and importantly… pure white sterile cremains/ash consistently.

The Resomators high level of automation is second to none and where turnover is important and/or unattended operation then the Resomator is ideal.

Installation and Service Support

Part of our good reliability and performance is excellent quality service and spares supply. Additionally the Resomator is a single albeit critical piece of the system design and the choice of peripheral equipment is also highly significant in operational excellence.
Start to finish we will help design/cost your space and the complete system requirements, assist with regulatory authorities, assist in project management, install/commission and give individual operator training. We have several trained Service engineers available in the USA at any time and we also have a spare parts depot situated in Ohio to ensure excellent after sales support.


The operating costs are dependent on the local utility supply costs but generally are comparable to flame cremation if not lower in many cases.
A simple spreadsheet that has all the average utility and chemical costs for various countries like the USA /Canada/EU and UK provide all the data required for running our unit and to calculate payback times etc.