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Full hands on and on-going update training is critical to get the operators(s) comfortable with the equipment. We pride ourselves in providing excellent support in this critical area
We have individuals who have a wealth of experience in this critical aspect.
Once the Resomator equipment is installed we will commission the system initially with water and chemical only and ideally with one or more actual processes all in the presence of the operators as part of the training.
Additionally a full scheduled and written training program will be completed after that with part classroom work but mostly hands-on equipment training. All covered aspects will require sign off after completion of each step. The training will cover all the peripheral equipment also.
Since our process has an integrated Easy-Startâ„¢ program the process itself is simple.
Full Operation and Maintenance manuals will be covered and left for use.
After the Resomation engineer and the trainer leaves you will not be left totally alone. You will still have available contact on a daily basis with either a Resomation engineer/trainer or one of our assigned current system users in a convenient time zone. There is no time restraint on this service but eventually we expect all users will further communicate through the CARE user group as discussed above.