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Types of Support

Obviously this information transfer is predicated on commitment from the client first to firm up the partnership and then we will be able to supply /advice in all the areas below:-
  • Information and assistance with water authority regulatory requirements and approval when applicable
  • Pre-order Check lists to ensure such things as regulatory compliance, space , utilities and accessibility have been considered and are acceptable
  • Resomator S750 Specification sheet. Dimensions, utilities required and connection types/sizes.
  • CAD drawings of your space with the associated and agreed peripherals
  • P&ID system drawings as required
  • Listing of electrical requirements and drawings for the complete system
  • Pre-commissioning check list
Even at budget quotation stage we can take your space layout and superimpose the required /agreed system design and any optional equipment and supply 3D lay out diagrams such as the generic one below. Albeit we try to standardise where possible outside of the Resomator S750 all other system components are chosen based on space and circumstance. Not all options will be chosen or indeed needed by the client.
Contact us to discuss your needs to investigate how it might be possible for you to move forwards .Communication is free and you might be surprised with what you will learn.