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Users / Support Group

C.A.R.E- (Communicate, Associate, Resomate and Educate)

This needs a lot more thought and discussion to get right albeit a great idea

Ask, Listen, Learn and Improve your use of Alkaline Hydrolysis Systems

We believe wholeheartedly that with this relatively new process we need to encourage regular open dialogue across the funeral industry to help answer technical questions, share ideas and be a great source of advice from like- minded individuals with a similar process.
This we believe this will help to link and encourage like-minded enthusiastic and even passionate funeral industry drivers of the technology and thought leaders to feel more comfortable with this seemingly big change away from flame cremation. It importantly allows them to share the unknown potential risks of change and what challenges if any that might bring.
This is open to all users and potential users of Alkaline Hydrolysis and is intended to be the key global web based portal for users of Alkaline Hydrolysis systems (whether ours or others) to discuss and share experiences and discuss issues or to seek advice and direction and learn from one another.
As the group grows the opportunity for the public to have access to this new option grows the more the environment will benefit from this growth.
To join the CARE community then…………..