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2012 Installation at the Bradshaws Celebration of Life Center Stillwater Minnesota

Another installation in a prestigious Funeral Home this time in Minnesota. The father and son owners Jim and Jason Bradshaw really wanted to express their high environmental focus with Resomation which they offer as water based cremation which they call and is trademarked as Green Cremation (see

It is a stunning facility with an elegant and tranquil viewing chapel for relatives should they wish to witness the start of the process and spend a little time for reflection and/or prayers close to the departing relative. It is all designed and laid out in a very dignified and thoughtful manner with a beautiful and peaceful bespoke water wall feature and mood lighting.

The environmentally sustainable process fits in well with their facilities geo-thermal heating/cooling system and surrounding sustainable local wild grass areas around the building.

Jason Bradshaw the owner in the Green Cremation room next door to the viewing Chapel
Bradshaw Resomator
Looking into the Green Cremation room from the adjacent Chapel
The viewing/reflection Chapel
Bradshaws Celebration of Life Center