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Month: February 2023

Resomation Global Update

As the first month of 2023 has come to a close, we look forward to what is set to be a very exciting year ahead for all of the Resomation team working hard to bring this great process to our home countries. We have Ambassadors working across three continents, covering Australia, North America, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, the Netherlands, and the UK. And it doesn’t stop there – our team...

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Suomen uutisia (Finnish News)

Tervetuloa lukemaan Resomation uutisia suomeksi. Suomen Resomation edustaja Stephanie Sinclair-Lappi on tavoitettavissa: Stephanie Sinclair-Lappi Suomen Resomation edustaja Puh: +358 (0) 50 551 3577 Sähköposti: [email protected] Napsauta tästä rekisteröidäksesi tukesi vesituhkaukselle     Vesituhkauksen laillistaminen eri maissa Vesituhkaus on laillista Isossa-Britanniassa...

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