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Month: December 2022

Nyheter fra Norge (Norwegian news)

Velkommen til var norske side for Resomation nyheter. Runar Frømyhr Norsk ambassadør [email protected] Klikk her for å registrere din støtte til vannkremering. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- Resomation...

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Finnish Ambassador to represent Resomation at Hyvinkää event

Our Finnish Ambassador, Stephanie Sinclair-Lappi, will be speaking at a conference in Härkävehmaankatu, Hyvinkää, Finland giving a presentation on Resomation, its enviromental credentials and providing an update on water cremation in Finland. Across this two day training seminar, other industry experts will speak covering many issues the industry are currently dealing with. To read more information...

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Resomation introduce Kindly Earth Limited

Introducing Kindly Earth where, with funeral choices and traditions changing, we understand the desire for choice and want to share our relationship with Resomation. In order to create a different style of narrative to describe the Resomation option to the general public and to the funeral arrangers who meet the beareaved families, a different communication style was needed – honest, clear but kinder...

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