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2016 July Resomation presented at CBCE 2016 conference

Sandy Sullivan the founder and director of Resomation Ltd presented a paper at the Cremation and Burial Communication and Education conference last week in Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK.

Entitled “ Resomation has the lowest impact on the environment” and as part of the presentation he discussed the data generated in the 2015 TNO environmental impact report commissioned by the Dutch funeral/cremation company Yarden.

The report was a direct comparison between Resomation, burial and flame cremation calculating the harmful effects in 18 environmental impact categories. Resomation had the least impact in 17 out of 18 of them. The analytical results being in varying units were then translated into comparable and weighted “shadow pricing “ in Euros. This essentially equates to the composite costs of emission reduction measures to reach targeted levels of each category by the Dutch government.

Per body the costs were around 51 euros for burial, 48 euros for flame cremation and less than 3 euros for Resomation! This is significant and clear that a change to more Resomation based end of life decisions will help our environment now that we have over 7 billion people on the planet who will eventually have to choose their end of life option.