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Ireland opens Resomation facility, first to be operating in Europe

Pure Reflections has emerged as Europe’s pioneer in the Resomation experience. Located in the picturesque landscapes of Ireland, Pure Reflections brings an unprecedented level of sustainability and reverence to the forefront.

Elizabeth Oakes owner of Pure Reflections in County Meath, Ireland is now open and offering Resomation, the green environmentally friendly alternative to flame cremation and burial.

As a company dedicated to providing innovative, eco-friendly alternatives for final farewells, Pure Reflections’ Resomarium ushers in a new era of commemorating loved ones with respect for our planet. Their commitment to preserving the environment while honoring tradition sets a shining example for the world.

Liz recently appeared in the Irish media featuring on The Pat Kenny Show explaining how she came across Resomation, the process and why she believes Resomation is the future.  Listen here

If you would like to find out more or speak to Liz about arranging a Resomation, please contact her directly here