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2017 Aug – Resomation – The water based green cremation option…

Published in Thanos Magazine 81 – Summer 2017

Help fight climate change and reduce environmental impact

Over 135 years ago the introduction of flame cremation offered positive fundamental change in the way we approached human disposition but, as with many changes, some serious convincing was required before being fully accepted. Green cremation by Resomation® now offers a new, innovative yet dignified approach without producing mercury emissions, requiring significantly less energy and emitting much less greenhouse gas than flame cremation. It is an option that the public are demonstrating they clearly want and the environment clearly needs (This is once again a new era of required change.)

Resomation® is a dignified and respectful water based green cremation alternative to burial and flame cremation alternative to burial and flame cremation with significant and independently verified environmental benefits. It is the world’s first such human system.

Using water, Resomation® returns the body back to the earth as nature intended. It is essentially harnessing the same effective hydrolysis process used by nature after burial to reduce the body tissues to liquid but applied in a way that speeds up the process to only a few hours rather than years as is the case with burial. It does this by applying the hydrolysis process at a relatively high temperature of 150C to speed this resolving process in a controlled manner. Importantly, it allows the returning of the ash to the families at the end just like with flame cremation albeit it is pure white.

In North America, green cremation has handled more than 5000 successful human dispositions in multiple sites over the last five years. It is now well tried and tested. It is also gaining public favour and when given the choice of water versus traditional flame cremation, up to 80% choose green cremation. Interestingly the main reason is water is gentler than fire.

Alkaline Hydrolysis (as it is formally referred to) is now legal in 14 US states and three Canadian provinces with many more states in progress. Legislative changes are also in progress in several EU countries. Recent law changes in Scotland now fully embrace green cremation and elsewhere in the UK it is also legal albeit requiring regulatory clarity.

For true funeral professionals who care about our environment and who what to offer their clients a more environmentally sustainable option, Resomation® is the preferred choice. At this time, it could also offer a route to simply differentiate themselves from others in their market and lead the way.

Resomation® allows respectful family viewing where required due to its quiet operation, elegant looks and dignified horizontal operation. The high level of automation allows simple and safe functionality.

The world’s population is expanding rapidly with global warming a real concern. Even in death we unfortunately are forced to leave our footprint. Green cremation reduces the environmental impact significantly and at last allows individuals to better express their environmental awareness and concerns in a more positive way when leaving this live, whilst providing a gentle, dignified option for the family.

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Source: Thanos Magazine 82 Summer 2017