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Resomation will exhibit at APSE Cemetery & Crematoria Seminar April 2024

APSE Cemetery & Crematoria Seminar set upResomation will be exhibiting with Kindly Earth at APSE Cemetery & Crematoria Seminar in Wigan on Thursday 25th April 2024.

APSE (Association for Public Service Excellence) is a not for profit local government body working with over 250 local councils throughout the UK to advise, share information and expertise on a broad range of frontline public services creating a community that assists local authorities who are striving to improve their frontline services.

Resomation, an alternative to flame cremation, has a lower Carbon footprint (GWP) and no harmful air emissions. The adoption of Resomation in other countries is growing and is recognised as a significant way that the funeral sector can reduce its CO2 emissions, thus enabling it to meet the 2050 net zero carbon emissions target. As our impact on the world’s precious resources becomes ever  more apparent, the need to act increases. The bereavement sector should also respond and adopt more sustainable activities.

The public, who are increasingly making “greener” funeral choices, favour Resomation for its low impact technology and also its sense of being gentler and more natural in the use of water in reducing the body to powdered remains.

We understand funerals and choices within have to be communicated carefully so to introduce the Resomation option, the brand Kindly Earth (www.Kindly.Earth) has been developed to explain to consumers how the new Resomation technology can interface with existing funeral practice. To an increasingly informed public audience, the Kindly Earth brand will enable councils to work with us to either present this as an option they offer or partner with Kindly Earth to offer Resomation as an alternative nearby option.

Following last year’s announcements, we continue to make progress towards the introduction of Resomation in the UK and will be speaking with local councils at the APSE Cemetery & Crematoria Seminar about Resomation and their options.

Resomation, a more sustainable end of life choice.