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Scottish government to consider proposals to regulate alkaline hydrolysis

We welcome the news that the Scottish government will consider proposals to regulate alkaline hydrolysis, following an overwhelmingly positive response to their public consultation. The consultation report revealed that 84% of respondents supported the prospect of Resomation being made available in Scotland.

Dr Georgina Robinson (Durham University) analysed the consultation report for The Conversation and found that Scottish support was based on four key aspects:

  1. Environmental considerations
  2.  Widening choice
  3. Alignment with personal values
  4. Cost

The findings of the consultation are supported by Robinson’s doctoral research, which found that ‘alkaline hydrolysis has been chosen in the US for four key reasons, largely drawing support from those who would otherwise choose cremation. These four motivations are rooted in the perception of alkaline hydrolysis as an environmental, gentle, water-based and natural choice.’

With thousands of families now having chosen Resomation in the US, we are delighted that Scots may be given that choice too – hopefully sooner rather than later, as Robinson notes:

‘Given the overwhelmingly positive response to the consultation, the Scottish government’s regulation of alkaline hydrolysis could be a real game-changer. While the time frame for the government to implement the regulations is undetermined, this is a significant step in the right direction.’

We will keep you posted.