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The environmental credentials of water cremation discussed at Bereavement Services seminar

Sandy Sullivan, founder and Director of Resomation Ltd spoke as part of a four-person panel at the Joint Bereavement Services seminar in Stratford on 27 March. The theme of the event was ‘the impact of burial and cremation on the environment’.

Sandy was one of four funeral industry speakers and presented his paper ‘The environmental credentials of water cremation’ to a range of funeral industry experts. Sandy’s paper was followed by a discussion based on the themes in the paper.

Following the event, Sandy said:

“It was hugely enjoyable to deliver my paper on water cremation and its potential to offer a new, environmentally conscious choice at end of life.

 “There is some very interesting data from the Netherlands which outlines the positive environmental credentials of water cremation which I was pleased to share this with delegates.

 “The reception to my paper was very positive and the topic facilitated some great discussion amongst those in attendance. It was also interesting to hear from the other speakers on the environmental impact of different forms of cremation. This event is evidence that momentum is building within the funeral industry to further consider the environment in our work.”

The event was organised by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA), the Association of Private Crematoria and Cemeteries (APCC) and the Cremation Society of Great Britain.

Pictured, Founder, Sandy Sullivan giving his update at the FBCA meeting.