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The UK Cremation Society change their 134 year Old Charter to allow Resomation to be considered by their members

The UK Cremation Society, which exists to promote respectful cremation practice and advance public education in the practice and ethics of cremation, have evaluated the resomation process in detail. In June 2008 the society decided to alter their charter and allowed resomation to be considered by its members. The changes have been accepted and ratified by the UK charities Commission (a process required due to them being a Charitable Trust). At an extraordinary general meeting held to discuss the proposed changes Reverend Dr. Peter Jupp the Chairman of the Cremation Society made the following remarks… “.. the Council has considered Resomation very carefully. Up to now, it has taken the view that its current charitable purposes (which are ‘to promote the practice of cremation for the respectful disposal of the bodies of dead persons; and to advance public education in the practice and ethics of cremation’ have the effect of preventing the Society from committing its own resources to the practical investigation of Resomation or other alternatives to cremation. So now, mindful of the potential environmental benefits that alternative methods may offer and of the intentions of the Society’s founders, the Council has agreed in principle to put to the Society’s members a special resolution to extend the objects of the Society so as to accommodate methods for the disposal of bodies which may be superior to cremation, and to amend the Society’s powers to reflect the extension of these objects. We would also want our own subsidiary to investigate Resomation.”