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Funeral Business Advisory magazine – Nicki Mikolai editorial

An editorial by Funeral Business Advisor where Resomation America Sales Manager, Nicki Mikolai, explains why she thinks alkaline hydrolysis (known as water cremation in the UK) is the next phase in this evolution.

Alkaline Hydrolysis Expert

“Water Cremation gives families another option. For years, there was only the choice between burial and flame-based cremation. What we have learned is that many people who would choose flame cremation for themselves or a loved one do not like the aspect of fire. People are typically more comfortable with the thought of water and see this as being gentler and like its more environmentally friendly credentials. The funeral industry continues to evolve and modernize with people looking for more choices. We believe alkaline hydrolysis is the next phase in this evolution and would help the industry improve its environmental credentials and meet the capacity challenges of a rapidly growing population by using innovative new water technologies,” explains Nicki Mikolai, Sales Manager with Resomation America.

Nicki also points out that a recent study proved that alkaline hydrolysis has a carbon footprint over 7 times less than flame creation and over 3 times less than burial. It also requires significantly less energy in the form of electricity and gas, and releases no airborne harmful particulates, nitrous oxides, or mercury.

“Our revolutionary Resomator S750 is not only the first, safest, fastest and most validated system on the market but allows the client to enter a relationship with a company that has a high level of expertise and experience to support them through the various stages of being able to offer this new service. We now have a US office in Minnesota that can offer advice, assistance with facility design and layout, final commissioning and training. We also offer comprehensive field service and remote diagnostics,” Nicki elaborates.

Resomation America’s feedback from clients has been fascinating and thought-provoking.

“For example, Bradshaw Celebration of Life Center in Stillwater, MN, anticipated the biggest reason for choosing alkaline hydrolysis to be the environmental side. However, the larger reason has actually been the people who don’t like the fire component, seeing this as a gentler alternative. Another aspect I would say is that not all Alkaline Hydrolysis machines are the same. For instance, you do not just buy a car as they vary in technology, cost, performance, ease of use, aesthetics, speed and safety – the same goes for Alkaline Hydrolysis machines,” concludes Nicki.