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Resomation on the agenda at University of Central Lancashire’s School of Forensic and Applied Sciences

Sandy Sullivan, Founder and Director of Resomation, was delighted to speak with students about Resomation on Monday 18th March at the University of Central Lancashire’s (UCLan) School of Forensic and Applied Sciences. Sandy was invited by Dr Peter Cross, Senior Lecturer in Forensic Anthropology and Death Sciences at UCLan.

UCLan’s School of Forensic Sciences run a lecture each year on burial and flame cremation, so Sandy was pleased to introduce Resomation, or water cremation as it is also known, to students and explain the environmental benefits it brings. Around 40 students attended the lecture, which involved a question and answer session.

Following the event, Sandy said:

“This is the second year I have been invited by Dr Cross to talk with students about water cremation and the work we are doing at Resomation both in the UK and around the world. It was fantastic to speak with and hear questions from students on a wide variety of matters related to water cremation.

“I have met with a wide range of industry experts and the public across the world to discuss water cremation and am always enthused by the genuine interest in and support for the introduction of this technology”.

At the end of the lecture, the vast majority of students, when asked if they would choose water cremation as an end of life option for themselves or family members, responded that they would.

Commenting further, Sandy said: “We can see from recent student protests about climate change that preserving the environment is a matter many care deeply about.

“It is clear to us at Resomation that younger people who place the environment at the top of their agenda recognise the great environmental benefits of water cremation and its potential to transform the funeral industry”.

For more information about water cremation, speaking opportunities with Sandy or to speak to the team, please email [email protected] .