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Growing Enthusiasm for Resomation Around the World

September and October were extremely busy months for Resomation HQ as we participated in conferences and exhibitions around the world, from the USA to mainland Europe and the UK. Our Global Resomation Ambassadors drew audiences from the USA, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and beyond!

We started in Albuquerque, USA, at the Cremation Association of North America’s Green Funeral Conference. We are delighted to have sponsored the event which informed funeral service providers about how they can offer green funeral options to their families, including Resomation. Nicki Mikolai (Resomation America) and Sandy Sullivan (Founder of Resomation) really felt the enthusiasm for Resomation at the Green Funeral Conference continue at the National Funeral Directors Association’s Convention in Baltimore, USA, so much so that Nicki was filmed for an upcoming documentary discussing alternative funeral options. Funeral professionals from around the world visited our booths in their masses at both events and learned about how they can offer this choice to families.

In Europe, the buzz for Resomation was truly felt. Firstly, Runar Frømyhr and Stephanie Sinclair-Lappi (Ambassadors for Norway and Finland respectively) attended the NFKK Congress in Finland, meeting decision makers from both Norway and Finland, who gave Runar and Stephanie positive feedback, especially on the environmental merits of Resomation. Attendees at NFKK fed back that they feel that Resomation offers a natural and environmental choice for the public.


At the end of September, our Founder Sandy Sullivan hosted two packed-out rooms for ‘Resomation College’ at VTU in the Netherlands. Vincent van Leest (Ambassador for the Netherlands) commented “the movement in mainland Europe is really starting”. Attendees “were overwhelmed and enthusiastic” at the prospect of this sustainable end of life option being offered in their country. The most frequently asked question was “when will this be possible in my country?” – Europe is certainly eager to offer Resomation ASAP. Vincent spoke of the intrigue surrounding the Resomator which we exhibited – over 90% of the 4,000 conference attendees visited the Resomation stand and took a close look at the Resomator to see how it operates. The momentum for Resomation to become an option throughout Europe was clear.

Down under, Resomation was a hot topic at the Redesigning Deathcare Conference at the University of Melbourne, Australia, at the end of October. With a focus on the environmental nature of Resomation and, importantly, the choice it offers at the end of life, delegates heard about Resomation’s progress internationally from Ross George (Austeng – Resomation Agent for Australia), Deborah Richards (Water Cremation Aotearoa New Zealand), Georgina Robinson (PhD Researcher at Durham University), Heather Conway (Professor at Queen’s University Belfast), and Caitlin Doughty (Order of the Good Death). Delegates were very excited to hear the momentum driving Resomation’s introduction in more and more places around the world.

Real enthusiasm is evident for Resomation across the globe and it continues to grow, as Nicki commented, “Every time we exhibit there are more and more funeral directors who are thinking quite heavily about offering this option to families and they are seeking out information on how they can do that.”

What a fruitful couple of months we have had educating on Resomation and encouraging the progress of this sustainable funeral choice internationally. To continue learning about Resomation and its global progress, follow us on social media! @watercremation (Twitter and Facebook) @resomationltd (Instagram) Resomation Ltd (LinkedIn)